Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Architecture for the animals

Following my bat house entry, here is the next moment for pondering a post-human phenomenology: what do other animals look for in a dwelling? Super Kingdom approaches this question.

Or as a (post)Heideggerian might ask, how do animals dwell. Yet to be written: Building, Dwelling, Thinking of the Non-human [a riff off of Heidegger's essay and (later) Tim Ingold.)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Thanks to Charlie Blake for this anthem toward animlity: "angels are bestial; man is the animal."

Founding Father bites like an animal

George Washington's false teeth were made from animal teeth:
"He had several sets of false teeth over the years, but they were not made of wood. For at least one set, Washington's dentist, Dr. John Greenwood, used a cow's tooth, one of Washington's teeth, hippopotamus ivory, metal and springs." Talk about becoming animal?! The res-publica has now created a line of flight for animality.